The Best Motorcycle Gear (2021 Reviews)


Motorcycle riders wear protective gear when riding sports bikes and choosing long bike journeys as an essential protective wear. Motorcycle gear and suits are designed for your safety, comfort, and protection. Effective gear helps keep you relaxed in a wide range of conditions, and you can be a better and confident driver by using the right equipment. Motorcycle gear that is cumbersome, unfitting, or otherwise fails in its intended function is a distraction at worst, and the last thing a motorcyclist wants.

Choosing your gears

If you or someone you know are just stepping foot in the arena of motorcycle racing, then you will have so much to learn. Maybe you are not a new driver, but you had some “unplanned off-roading experience.” Wearing inappropriate motorcycle gear won’t leave you with good memories that could have been prevented by using the right motorcycle gear. Choosing a good motorcycle suit may feel like a big challenge. We are here to break it down for you and give you some basic knowledge and recommendations so you can make better decisions.

Choosing the best Motorcycle Suit

While assessing gear, we weigh factors such as value, protection levels, style, and functionality. It's doubtful you'll find a piece of gear that earns a perfect score in all segments. If you agree that you want to get all decked out, you'll have to consider which factor you want the most.

You can easily narrow down your choices for a motorcycle suit if you know what type of riding you are going to do? What kind of weather you will be riding in? These questions can help you resolve the type of gears you should look for.

Leather or Textile? Abrasion-resistant is the basic standard for choosing the correct material for your motorcycle suit. But the question is: which one is better leather or textile? Leather is the best choice when it comes to abrasion-resistant. Yet, when it comes to rainy weather on a long trip, you wouldn’t want to wear leather. You can easily get soaked, and drying will take time. Moreover, it can be a bit suffocating in the hot weather. Again it is best to know what type of riding you will be doing.

While choosing the gear for your ride, you must keep in mind to protect yourself from impact. It is necessary to look for CE-rated gear, which shows how much force a given product can absorb. CE level 1 has a greater degree of security than CE level 2.

Our Top Pick: R-Tech Rising Star Motorcycle Leather Racing Suit

R-Tech Rising Star Motorcycle Leather Racing Suit took the top spot on our list of the best motorcycle suits. Its water repellent cow leather fabric with kangaroo inserts makes the suit a must have for every biker. Furthermore it protects you with its anti-shock side paddings. And unlike other suffocating motorcycle gear this suit has high-strength stretch fabric insert on sides and stomach for protection and breathing. It is available in a choice of sizes and colors to suit riders of all stripes.

Those who purchased and reviewed this motorcycle jacket appreciated that it came with a removable liner for use in all seasons, and liked the sleek styling. Most people found that it fit well, and liked the longer length. It is the ultimate armor of a rider warrior bracing the dangerous elements on the road.

1. Helmets

According to a report conducted by Dietmar Otte, 45% of all motorcycle helmets' impacts occur around the face and chin that are not covered by open-face or three-quarter-type helmets. If the pavement is hitting your face at an altitude, you ought to wear a full-face helmet. They'll even protect your head out of the wind, mosquitoes, and sunburn off your hands. Modular helmets are becoming popular motorcycle gears as they provide the versatility of a three-quarters helmet with full-face safety.

We’ve identified Nikko N-918 as one of the best out there. DOT/ECE certified, bright ventilation, and comfortable chin strap makes it a pleasant choice for riding.

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2. Jackets

Motorcycle-specific jackets come with features you won't see elsewhere: seams are reinforced to shield the stitching from abrasion and improve strength. They are built to fit snugly in high-speed winds because they don't fly around and have customizable air vents. They would also get CE protection ranking on the body armor — impact-absorbing material that cushions the most vulnerable parts in a collision. Try our Leather Zip-up Jacket, which is quick-dry, waterproof, and windproof and make your journey easy and smooth.


took the Editor’s Choice spot on our list of the best motorcycle jackets. It is made from premium high-quality Cordura 600D fabric. It carries 2 X Chest vents zip (Air Flow)
3 X back vents zip (Air Flow)
. In summer season, when heat is formed in jacket, Profirst add air vents to tackle this problem

Its Adjustable waist with strap and zip fastening system makes for easy adjustments. It is available in a variety of sizes from XS-5X.

Those who purchased and reviewed this motorcycle jacket appreciated that it fit well and was crafted of smooth, heavy leather. People liked the liner for staying warm on cooler days.

3. Pants

Standard denim jeans are not the right motorcycle gear for you. Like the jacket, motorcyclist pants are available in textiles or leather. They are be equipped with CE–rated armor in the hip and knees to protect you in case of a crash.


Are the top choice for your safe riding journey. Made of 100% polyester, fabric 600D maxtex fixed lining fabric and 100% polyester mesh, It comes with lateral calf zips from the knee down with Velcro fasteners for easy start. Adjustable waist belt, CE approved protections on the knees and Reflectors front makes it a perfect choice for professional riders.

4. Boots

Think about how much your motorcycle weighs. You'll need to support it on slick, irregular, unstable surfaces with your hands, ankles, and feet.

4Riders Always WP Motorcycle Touring Boots can set a standard with its high-quality synthetic leather along with rear and ankle protection. Velcro closing ensures a good fit, and the rubber sole avoids slipping. A durable pair of boots with oil-resistant, non-slip soles and strong ankle protection is a requirement for this purpose alone.

5. Gloves

In case of any accident, we extend our hands to protect ourselves from severe damages, that is why our hands are the ones that suffer most. Therefore, protecting your hands is as important as protecting your head. A good pair of gloves should be able to cover your hands completely. They require strong materials resistant to abrasion with sturdy, secure stitching.


is the perfect choice here. These leather gloves reinforce a strong grip with perforations for ventilation and carbon in the knuckles area for better protection.


Riding a motorcycle exposes you to extreme danger, weather fluctuations and requires all of your attention and physical ability. Luckily, Assortment of motorcycle gear at Valuesbig can keep you safe in an accident, secure in any environmental situation, and minimize fatigue. Order your full range of motorcycle gear and suits at from brand of your choice.

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