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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Nice to meet you

Hi, we’re Jimy’s. We’re inspired by the remarkable medical workers of today, and we’re proud to provide high quality medical devices that help them effortlessly move through their day.

What we do

Manufacturing of medical tools of excellent quality to assist the doctors in everyday operations and to make their job easy and help them perform efficiently without the worry of the quality of products.

How we do it

We ensure that the products are available at all times and the lead time for the product to be minimum. We provide fast delivery and dispatched the products as soon as possible to relieve the customers from hectic waiting. Our customer service team is happy to assist you.

Why we do it

Our mission is to inspire others to make sustainable choices by offering products that combine purpose, easiness of use, and quality at an accessible price. We believe in the quality of product and fast deliverance is the way of the future. We love connecting with our customers—and seeing them engage with one another—over shared experiences, values and enthusiasm for the work.
We’re inspired by medical staff. And we’re with them every step of the way.

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Return Shipping Address

62 Arden Grove Ladywood Middleway,

Birmingham, B16 8HQ

United Kingdom

Returns Policy

Goods can only be returned if they are in a re-saleable condition with the packaging intact. A Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGAN) is required to return the goods and can be obtained from our Customer Services team by simply filling the return goods form. Please read our Returns Procedure in the section below on how to arrange the return of stock. If stock is faulty or is damaged during the delivery, we will offer the replacement of goods or issue a full credit. If your product requirements have changed and goods are unopened and undamaged, the return is acceptable but there will be a surcharge fee. Goods can be returned within 10 days of invoicing and 3 days of receipt of the delivery. After receiving the goods, the inspection takes place and accepted as re-saleable then a credit will be issued.

Returns Procedure – how to return the goods

Please read our Returns Procedure below for instructions on how to return both contaminated and non-contaminated goods: Prior to returning any products to Jimy Medical, please contact our customer services team at [email protected] with the following details: The reason you wish to return the product. The lot number, product code and description of the goods concerned. Confirm whether or not the products are contaminated. We will issue you with a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGAN) and address details of where to return the goods to. This RGAN must be clearly stated on the outer packaging of the returned products and in all future correspondence. If products are NOT contaminated then the outer packaging must state the RGAN and the following phrase “Products are Not Contaminated.”

If products ARE contaminated please follow the steps below:

All returned items must be cleaned prior to return and must be packed in a sealed, leak-proof plastic bag or container. This must be clearly marked as a “bio-hazard or contaminated medical products.”

This bag/container should then be safely packed in a secure, padded envelope or box, with the RGAN clearly stated on the outside.

Before returning, please make sure that you have complied with your local regulations for transporting bio-hazardous Products.

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