MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots

MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots
MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots MTECH RSX6 Motorcycle Racing Boots
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An absolute brillaint motorcycle racing boot which offers maximum comfort and protection

MTECH RSX6 Leather Motorcycle Racing Boot


· PU bonded leather


Technical information:

· TPU shields for back; toe and ankle protection

· Reinforced TPU gear patch

· Accordion for comfortable fitting wear

· Velcro Closure System with Zipper

· Toe slider

· Polyester lining

· 100% rubber role

  • Leather
My son's mx boots

Durable and lightweight. This pair of mx boots will lasts up to my great grand children's dirt bike's riding time. This pair is actually for my son, he like's it and so excited to wear this boots.
Great boots

My husband and I both ride in these. We ride trails, sand drag, dunes etc. we have banshees, both with nerf bars. Like any boot, adjusting to shifting, takes a little effort.

Neither of us have any complaints with the boots at all. After broke in, they are obviously more comfortable to ride in. Protectives and Velcro Closure System with Zipper are great. And no they are not water proof, but I sprayed both of ours down, with never wet, and it helped a lot! We find our selves in the mud and wet conditions, quite a bit. Maybe one day we will grow up, and stay out of mud holes lol!
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