Our Vendors stocks a beautiful range of Folk, Celtic & Ethnic acoustic stringed instruments. Our instruments have been developed in Ireland and are available at affordable prices throughout Europe.

Each harp, lyre, kinnor, lute, ukulele, dulcimer, banjo and oud is put through rigorous testing and is set up by our specialists in our Dublin showroom. These instruments have been made from the finest selection of woods and tonewoods including Walnut, Mahogany, Birch, Red Cedar and much more.
We pride ourselves on providing the finest in materials, craftsmanship, customer service and quality at a price bracket that won’t break the bank. Our musical instruments serve both the music lover and music learner.

On this page, you'll find a comprehensive list of all our string products including Lever harps, Mountain Dulcimers, Turkish Ouds and much more. Please click on the image to proceed to the items in the respective group or contact us for any specific requests. We’re here to help.

Acoustic cello solid maple 4/4
Banjo padded nylon gig bag
Baritone ukulele bass acacia with eq
Camac hermine lever harp, 34 alliance carbon strings in cherry
Camac hermine lever harp, 34 alliance carbon strings in walnut
Camac melusine 38 nylon strings in cherry
Camac telenn lever harp, 34 gut strings in maple
Concert ukulele ebony with EQ
Concert ukulele flamed maple
Concert ukulele mahogany with EQ
Hearland wildwood dulcimer banjo, 4 string lacewood
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