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Manufacturers And Exporter of Premium Quality Custom Fashion Wear And Sports Apparel Company
Haider Amin Enterprises - Pakistan
Expert in Fashion Leather Apparel and Motorcycle Racing Clothes
Hakam Din Global Inc - USA
"Starting a business is hard and statistics tell us that most startups don’t make it past the first few years," said Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO."Through sustained effort and relentless focus on serving its customers,Hakam Din & Sons has achieved this milestone. NAMM is proud to recognize the company's accomplishments and wish it many more years of success in the future." NAMM, the trade association of the $17 billion international musical instruments and products industry, recently awarded Hakam Din & Sons the Milestone Award for 100 years of service in the music products industry. The award recognizes retailers and manufacturers who have succeeded in business to reach this landmark anniversary. “It has been along journey for Hakam Din & Sons that has today brought about that special moment for Hakam Din family, the music product industry of Pakistan and indeed for the people of Pakistan,” said Jamal Pasha, Hakam Din’s international sales executive. The Milestone Award was received by... More
Ihsan1957 - Pakistan
Sports goods manufacturer since 1957, today Ihsan sports is a know brand Worldwide and amongst the largest exporters of Cricket Gear, Hockey Gear, Sports balls and Sports Wear in Paistan. It has been fifty years since our equipment made its debut in playing fields and arenas across the sporting world. Each product is manufactured with finesse and precision to give athletes the winning edge the need.As testament to our unyielding principals we guarantee that there is never any room for compromise. And it is a matter of pride for us that every single product manufactured at Ihsan Sports is in compliance with the strictest international quality standard and labour regulations.
A Knife & Dagger Company
Jimy Medical - UK
Nice to meet you Hi, we’re Jimy’s. We’re inspired by the remarkable medical workers of today, and we’re proud to provide high quality medical devices that help them effortlessly move through their day. What we do Manufacturing of medical tools of excellent quality to assist the doctors in everyday operations and to make their job easy and help them perform efficiently without the worry of the quality of products. How we do it We ensure that the products are available at all times and the lead time for the product to be minimum. We provide fast delivery and dispatched the products as soon as possible to relieve the customers from hectic waiting. Our customer service team is happy to assist you. Why we do it Our mission is to inspire others to make sustainable choices by offering products that combine purpose, easiness of use, and quality at an accessible price. We believe in the quality of product and fast deliverance is the way of the future. We love... More
KAPTAN.PK Akin to its name, Kaptan with its peerless stitching and exceptional aims to become a style staple for leaders. We love leather! Our infatuation dates backs to more than 50 years – and today our parent company: VIP group – is the leading leather apparel manufacturers in Pakistan – providing leather products to more than 25 countries worldwide! 1500+ employees, 30,000+ articles per/month Catering to a huge demand from over 25 countries is never an easy task. Our highly committed and competent team ensures all our orders are timely completed without compromising on quality! Peerless stitching exceptional designs We understand how premium quality and sleek designs are both paramount in creating style staples. Thus, each of our product is deftly tailored and is a product of razor-edge precision and meticulous... More
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